Radical Rest

Yoga Nidra, Breath & Singing Bowls
Jurko van Veenendaal en Frank Klank

Time to dream and feel what you want during the Radical Rest session with singer and Yoga Nidra teacher Jurko van Veenendaal and singing bowls player Frank Klank.

A journey filled with songs, sound, breathwork, silence and Yoga Nidra.

Frank Klank is an experienced and passionate singing bowl player.
He has had his own singing bowl events for years, accompanying other musicians, singers and teachers with his intuitive playing .
Sounds and vibrations of the singing bowls will touch your body in a deep way.
Blockages can be released and new energy can flow into the body.

You can listen to Frank’s his singing bowl meditations on Spotify, Insight Timer and Soundcloud.

Jurko van Veenendaal, singer, coach in Inspirational Speaking and Radical Rest has a passion for connecting people with their higher selves.

After his professional theater career in which he starred in various musicals such as Jesus Christ Superstar and Les Miserables, Jurko developed as a speech coach and coached various speakers from the business world and politics internationally.

Currently he combines his work as a Coach in Inspirational Speaking with his passion for Radical Tranquility. Jurko received his training in Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga from Cristina Guerra, among others.

The sleep of the yogi
In addition to some preparatory Restorative postures and breathing exercises, Jurko will take you into a Yoga Nidra with the sounds of the singing bowls of Frank Klank.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient relaxation technique also called “the sleep of the yogi. In a Yoga Nidra, all you have to do is lie down and listen. During this “sleep yoga,” your brain moves from an active Beta state through a quieter Alpha state to the deep rest of lower Theta and Delta brain waves. Only there, with healthy sleep, does your brain get the chance to process impressions, find solutions to difficult issues and gain new energy.

Regular practice of Yoga Nidra provides improved vitality, reduced stress, improved concentration, deeper sleep and enhanced creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Do you need to consciously reconnect with your body? Do you want to feel what possibilities there are for you at the moment you really dare to stand still? Do you want to enjoy a beautiful recumbent concert of singing bowls and do you like soft yoga to rest and recharge?

Book your spot at this wonderful Radical Rest Experience now

date & time:

April 20

2.30 pm – 4.30 pm


The Yoga District
H. de Boerstraat 33


€ 40,00

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