Soundbath: Pure Sound

With Pure Sound Christel Mijers and Frank Klank want to create something different from a ‘usual’ soundjourney.
Often, soundjourneys involve different instruments.
During Pure Sound events, Christel and Frank use ‘only’ singing bowls, supported by a few gongs.

Pure Sound starts as soon as you enter the room.
The singing bowls are scattered around the room and you can lie down among them. Comfortably on a mattress

Here and there there is one singing bowl, in other places there are several together. Where you lie down is up to you. Listen to the sound of your intuition.

While Christel will do a short guided meditation we tune in to the energy in the room at that moment and let the singing bowls do their work, complemented by the gong sounds. But also supplemented by the sound of silence.

And then it really is silent for a few moments. Because silence is a sound and in that sound you can sense a lot. The vibrations of the singing bowls also get time to act on your body/mind.

From these silences, the singing bowls take over again and your sound journey continues.

date & time:

November 10

3 pm – 4.30 pm


De Meditatietuin
Amstelpark 6 Amsterdam


€ 29,50 pp
duoticket € 55,00

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