Sound is in me, Silence is in me

More about me

By playing the singing bowls I hear my sound and my silence. I get insights and it makes me relax. It feels like coming home to my body, it feels like coming home to myself.

Where do I come from?

I live in Amsterdam for many years now and have been born in Limburg.

In Amsterdam I have worked in children’s psychiatry and afterwards as on-call-staff at various nurseries.

Later, I’ve enjoyed working at various departments of the Social Service.

I started to get interested in spirituality as well.

In Amsterdam I visited a group every week ; we came together to meditate and focus on topics such as spirituality and personal development/ growth. Through one of the participants I came into contact with rebirthing. That changed my life.

And then…

In America I did an intensive rebirthing training.
At an early stage during that training I realized, I was done with my job at Social Service.
On my first day of work – returned from America – I resigned.

I felt free, liberated.

Pretty soon after that I started volunteering at “De Roos ” Center.
After 2 years I was lucky to have gotten myself a paid job at “De Roos” Center.

In the meantime I could free more time for my ever-growing passion: playing the singing bowls.

Besides the singing bowls I also play the Monochord.

Singing bowls & me

On my “spiritual quest” I came into contact with the sounds of the singing bowls pretty regular and these bowls began to arouse my interest more and more. The sound, the intensity, each time the sounds “touched” me in a different way. How special.

It makes me happy, calmes me, makes me restless, sometimes there is sadness or I fall asleep.

A few years ago I went into a studio and recorded a CD together with my singing bowls. You can hear a preview above. If you would like to order a copy, please contact me.

My collection of bowls has grown to 32 and I assume that number is not final.

Singing bowls remain special instruments with a special effect to me. 

Do you feel to collaborate with me?

In addition to singing bowl meditations – which I give by myself  – I often work together with yoga teachers and other musicians.

Perhaps it could be you too in the future? In any case, I am always open to new ideas and initiatives!

Could you use some rest and relaxation in your organization or company? How about a singing bowl meditation during the break or after work? 

My singing bowl events are focused on peace and quietness.

Are you interested, do you have questions or are you interested in purchasing a singing bowl?

Need advice ? Feel free to ask and I’ll be more than happy to help you 

“I have been following Frank for years in how he plays the singing bowls.
I was lucky enough to give a series of music concerts with him.
Frank plays the singing bowls with a magic touch.

Not just some loose sounds, he connects them into a dialogue.
I’m sure you will like”

Iwan Boersma,
“Friday evening 8 pm: “usually I drink a glass of wine on the terrace”.
This time I went to a singing bowl meditation in center ‘De Roos’ , situated on a beautiful spot in the Vondelpark.
I lie on a lovely mattress under a warm blanket and I have no idea what to expect!
I am taken away by the warm sounds and I am completely relaxed and almost in a trance…it is raining outside, there is thunder, lightning and the sounds of the bowls provide a magical experience.
I can’t wait for the next time… when can I join again Frank?”
Audrea van Poppelen, Holistisch therapeut

Last year I moved away from Amsterdam. If you ask me ‘what I miss the most?’ I would say: my friends and Frank’s monthly singing bowl meditations in Centrum De Roos.

You could see it as a monthly inspection of your body: the vibrations of the bowls penetrate deep into your system and you can expect beneficial effects from them.

Frank plays the singing bowls with a great sense of intuition. But don’t be mistaken, underneath are years of experience and mastery!

Frank is the most relaxed host you can wish for. There is no need for anything, everything is allowed to be as it is. 

Where can you still find a place where you are lovingly received and nothing else is needed?

Elke Muller

“Working with Frank always brings the greatest joy. My heart overflows from the concerts in collaboration with him.  We feel each other seamlessly and the singing bowls merg with my voice. The reactions of the audience is always heart warming and overwhelming. They have experienced singing bowls before, but never ever has it been like as with Frank”

Nathalie Rasing, Yoga Nidra Docente


You are most welcome!

Do you have a question or suggestion? Would you like to book for an event? Please send me an email!
Would you like to book me, to give a concert or a guided meditation with me and my singing bowls? I welcome new ideas and initiatives, so please let me know if you see an opportunity to work with me!

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