How does it work?

the magic of singing bowls

Singing bowls are also known as Buddhist bowls or healing bowls.

Singing bowls have a special effect. When you strike/hit a singing bowl, sounds full of overtones are created. These sounds not only consist of audible sound, but also of palpable fine sound vibrations that can resonate deeply through all skin layers. It is literally and figuratively a soft touch with sound. From the inside and the outside. Mental and physical.

The special thing about singing bowls is that they also provide silence.

Precisely because of the sound and vibration you can find peace and “hear” silence. The sounds bring you into contact with the silence within yourself, so to speak.  Every sound feels different. How different depends on how you feel at that moment, what you are doing or what keeps you busy.

Your body has its own vibration frequency. If you don’t feel well, there may be a blockage somewhere that makes the vibration frequency lower. The vibrations of a singing bowl give your body an inner massage. You feel the vibration all over your body. Blockades can be removed.

There are many stories about singing bowls, especially about the composition. Often you will hear or read that singing bowls are made out of 7 or more metals. Hans de Back (sound therapist and musician) writes about this in his book “Klankschalenmassage”

“Coppersmiths frown upon hearing this story. If the metal were an alloy of 7 metals, there would be so much tension, that you would not be able to work with the metal using a hammer. You would be left with a singing bowl puzzle after one blow. “

Usually a singing bowl consists of copper and tin (bronze).

Singing bowls mainly come from the area (region) around the Himalaya.  Many singing bowls also come from India and Nepal.

The name Tibetan singing bowl indicates that the bowls were used by monks who lived in Tibetan monasteries.


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