DMT- breathing & soundbath

Tim van der Vliet & Frank Klank

DMT Breathing Techniques and Singing Bowls

DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is the molecule that is released by taking Ayahuasca.
DMT is also referred to as “the spirit molecule”. It is a molecule that we produce naturally and that causes you to feel ok with what life is bringing you.

Large amounts of DMT release can cause a “meeting God” experience, where you are in tune with everything that is. Leaving you with an altered state of consciousness.

Chemical DMT is a drug, officially a hard drug.
But we can also release DMT naturally with breathing techniques.
You may see colors and geometric forms. And it creates an altered state of consciousness.

Singing Bowls
Singing bowls are also known as Tibetan bowls.
Each singing bowl has its own character, tone, and timbre.
When playing the bowls, long-lasting sounds are created, rich in overtone resonance with vibration patterns and specific beats. This has such a beneficial effect on the body that it relaxes the mind.

Everyone will experience the sounds in his or her own unique way.

So how rich can the combination of DMT breathwork and Singing Bowls be? Now you have the chance to experience it.

Tim guides you through the breathing techniques, Frank plays the singing bowls.

About Tim van der Vliet

Tim is a renowned breathwork and cold exposure specialist and the visionary founder of TT Breathing.

He is devoted to his mission, raising consciousness, with his work.

His teachings are about giving your life an upgrade. This goes together with having boundless energy, super focus, and a healthy body.

Tim’s transformative journey started fifteen years ago as he transitioned from the fast-paced finance sector to embracing breathwork through the use of daily pranayama.

Date and Time

June 2
3 pm – 5 pm


Thrive Yoga
2e Athjehstraat 55


€ 35,00

A water bottle, and anything you need to lay down in a comfortable way.

Yoga mats, bolsters and blankets are available

Contra indications
If you are pregnant or you suffer from epilepsy it’s recommand not to join this workshop

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