Workshop how to play the singing bowls

Christel Mijers and Frank Klank

A 2-hour workshop in which we take you towards playing singing bowls intuitively yourself.
We will tell you a bit more about the holistic and spiritual background of sound healing, about intuition and about setting intentions.
We teach you to tune into yourself, including through movement and meditation.
Then you will work in groups and make your own music. This requires attunement to yourself, to your instrument, to your group and also a little courage. Do you dare to let your own sound be heard?

Finally, you end this workshop lying on a mattress, and Frank and Christel give the whole group a sound healing.

You are going to experience playing singing bowls intuitively yourself and playing together. You will also practice some playing techniques.
And you also will experience to receive the sounds.

For everyone who wants to experience the healing power of sound and wants to feel what it is like to play singing bowls. A musical background is not necessary!
Feel free to bring your own singing bowl(s).

About Christel Mijers

She has a home-based Soundhealing practice in Amsterdam-Zuid. Her holistic
background as a life therapist and non-dual coach she now combines with her great love for music, in a unique form of Soundhealing. In this, she combines singing bowls, gongs and other instruments with digital sound(scapes). Besides her own soundhealing recitals and soundjourneys with others, she also does 1-on-1 sessions in which she tailors to your specific request for help.

Mats and meditationcushions are available.


June 22
3 pm – 5.30 p.m


De Meditatietuin
Amstelpark 6 Amsterdam


€ 42,50
€ 80,00 – duo ticket


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